Chu-able Concoctions

Hello, everyone! So as you all know, I am a college student and I live in an apartment which means, NO MEAL PLAN. I have to cook all my own food and I love it! I personally love cooking, I find it o be a stress reliever, but as I have discussed with some friends, cooking can be extremely stressful for some people and I completely understand why.

There are a ton of video on Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube about “easy-to-do” recipes, but when there are 15+ ingredients and creating it involves dirtying 7+ items, the recipe becomes more foe than friend because as a college student we try to keep cleaning and ingredients to a minimum. Firstly, we are poor and cleaning takes time and time is money, not to mention college apartments do not have a lot of room. I know I don’t have the time, patience nor space, to soak two cups of lentils for 9 hours.

So to solve those problems, here are some of my creations that will give you a huge variety of flavors without a huge variety of ingredients!