Just a chick with chickens

My parents got chickens when I was 10 for eggs and as soon as I saw them I fell in love. I had only seen a chicken once in person before that and they terrified me in the way that they looked like little dinosaurs. That was when I was six years old. Today, at 21, I couldn’t love those little dinos more! Chickens are wonderful pets and provide so many benefits! While many of the first birds I had have passed on (RIP to the O.G Chu clucks clan) every chicken I’ve ever had has just made me fall deeper in love with these feathery little friends.



My name is Mindy Chu and I am a crazy chicken lady! I am currently a junior at North Carolina State University studying communication and poultry science! Little did my parents know when they got me chickens at the age of 10, that I would make a career out of it! I study agricultural communication and strive to close the knowledge gap between consumers and producers of our food! There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions of food production and being able to separate fact from fiction creates a smarter consumer. I also want to work in with agritourism because I believe that “farm-style living” isn’t something that should just exist in books and movies! Winery tours and local farmer markets are great ways to get to know your local farming community.

If you are located in the Raleigh, NC area, I highly recommend checking out the Produce Project!


My flock:

This is Cheddar! She is the queen of our Cluckingham Palace. She is a Pekin chicken or bantam cochin. While she is a diva and knows it, that fluffy butt is too much to not love! She is never hungry and is a fiend for mealworms!


This is our head rooster, Russel Crow. He is a mutt amongst chickens! We have no idea what he is but we love him dearly. He always protects our girls and his sons but I don’t think the thought of kicking us has ever crossed his mind. He loves belly rubs and mealworm treats! His favorite foods are tomatoes and papaya! He even waits till 8 am to start crowing! I can’t say the same for his kids.


While we have too many chickens to make an individual post for each, we love them all so much and hope that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy having their very own sweet flock!

Honorable mention to my adorable pups as well; meet Cashew and Toby! They are both rescues from the Raleigh area and ruffly 2 years old. Cashew (the little panda #getadogthatcandoboth) is the guardian of the chickens (except he is scared to death of Russel Crow and Cheddar) but Toby still needs work…Friends not food Toby… If you’re interested in tips on training a new dog around your chickens just shoot me an email. Hopefully, I will be getting a blog post up about it soon.