It has been a minute…

It has been a very long time since I posted…I skipped June entirely.


I have started work in the corporate communications office of Bayer Crop Science Division in the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina and am pursuing my passion in Ag. Com. One problem I have been running into in the ag industry is this heated debate involving veganism. I have seen the videos on YouTube and have heard the arguments from both sides. One subject I found particularly interesting was a term coined by a Harvard graduate called “Carnism” and it basically states the reason humans are okay with eating one animal and not another is because we’ve been psychologically conditioned to think it is acceptable to be selective with which animals we eat. Personally, I think that is a load of horse crap (Nothing in this world angers me as much as when people address meat as the sole issue for their health problems and do not consider portion size or exercise). But, I am not here to argue Carnism and its validity.

I am here to talk about why I do not like aggressive vegans and I think it’s a point that too many people overlook. Since I have started working in the ag industry, it has become apparent to me how lucky I am to be in a country where food waste is a problem. There are still so many people in this world that go hungry every day but here I am feeling nauseous from eating too much chicken fajita pizza.

By 2050 the world population is projected to be nine billion. We are currently at over seven billion individuals and growing rapidly and WE. CAN’T. FEED. THEM. We do not have the technology to feed the population that exists. We are trying our best but misinformation like “GMOs are toxic” or “Chickens are grown with hormones that will hurt make our children sick,” are making developing new technologies even more difficult because why would we develop something that is just going to get thrown back at us by the consumer because of misinformation? BTW, no hormones are injected into poultry because it is illegal and GMOs are not toxic, far from it, they are amazing. But all this rambling is leading up to the main point I want to make:

I am often approached by vegans and the slightly more active side and they tell me a long list of reasons I should become vegan, mostly involving animal welfare but human health and wellness as well. However; we are not currently able to produce enough food to feed the world right now with meat. How are we expected to sustain a world of 9 billion on a vegan diet? We do not have space nor the technology. Too many people are still rejecting GMOs and now we welcome Crispr into the mix and who knows how that will be received.

I do not have any issues with vegans. I think their cause is noble and that you could eat rocks and glue all day, who am I to judge? Do your thing. However, if you are going to come up to me and be aggressive in your mission to convert me to veganism you must be able to answer the question: “How do feed 9 billion people on a vegan diet with today’s technology and crop space?” If you can give me a good, solid, plausible answer that involves no “invention of…,” “Clear land to make more room for…,” or “Growing our own….” If you can answer that question, let me take you out for Indian food because goodness knows I’m hungry. But until I get the answer I am looking for, please leave people’s dietary decisions for them to decide. My final thought of veganism is that it has a heart of gold but it is also a little ahead of its time. Once we figure out how to eliminate hunger, then we can go back and tweak our process, but until then we need more enegry in promoting agriculture to help feed the world, not fight it.


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