Eggs and eBay

I have been thinking about this pretty frequently lately – eggs and eBay.With the prices of hatching eggs from established online hatcheries, its no wonder people have taken to eBay!


My neighbor is a crazy chicken lady just like me! She has been purchasing hatching eggs from eBay and they have been turning out pretty well…until now. A while ago she purchased polish hatching eggs and ordered a dozen. When she received the eggs, only four had not been destroyed during shipping and in the end, only two hatched and only one survived. While I am excited about her new polish chick,

Don’t get me wrong, I think eBay is a great way to get your hands on some rarer birds for a better price; however, make sure you are buying from an experienced breeder! When you buy online, you buy blind. Anyone can say “Hey! We’re NPIP certified!” but honestly, who’s checking that? If you are thinking about buying eggs online please remember:

  • Check their reviews!
  • Read the product description very carefully!
  • Look up the hatchery. If they say they are NPIP certified they will be listed HERE by state.
  • Look at the shipping time, eggs should not be stored outside a temperature controlled environment for more than 48 hours if you’re planning to hatch them.
  • Ask about flock health!

With all that said, I am not saying you cannot get reliable hatching eggs off eBay and not everyone that sells on eBay has a separate website (though they should at least have a FaceBook page) where you can check out their stock. I would not advise buying from anyone through eBay if they do not have another site or are unable to supply more than one picture of their breeder stock and coop.


I get it– the low prices and cute little cheap-cheaps to come are just so inviting! However, you can never be 100% sure what you are going to get!  Also with every new chick you bring in (let me stress again) is a risk of disease and a biosecurity threat! Do not let those cute little eyes fool you! Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate! Most vaccinations today just require that you put in it in the chick’s drinking water.  If you do not feel comfortable vaccinating your chicks, take them to the vet (though it can be costly) or just go ahead and skip the hatching all-together and the hatched chicks online. We would love to be the ones to greet them as soon as they make it out of the egg but it’s out responsibility to know what is best for our chicks!


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