Poultry Pets

As promised, I will be continuing my recommended breeds list! The following will be a list of chicken breeds and I have known to be especially sweet and great pets! Though they may not be the best layers or meat birds, they are especially kind and great for kids.

The Silkie Chicken

Sweet, quiet, lays decently, Bantam and Standard Size

These fluffy little beauties are basically dogs and cat int he form of chickens. We have had these little lovelies for four years now and honestly, you could keep these in an apartment. They have extremely thin feathers that are as soft as silk and though they don’t have a traditional form, they are just as warm as normal feathers. While they do well in the cold (but we’re not talking subzero temperatures here) they should be brought inside during the winter nights. They do very well in the heat.http://www.backyardchickens.com/content/type/61/id/4941094/width/778/height/519/flags/LL Since their feathers are so fine, you have to be cautious about the rain, they get soaked easily and then they get cold. A soaking wet silkie is both adorable and sad. However, they’re lovers of baths and the blowdryer. They are feathered all over, even to their feet, so when left outside they do become dirty pretty easily. They will lay about 180 eggs a year and the males are also nonaggressive but they crow just as loud as any other rooster. These are the bird for you is you’re looking for easy care and a unique look. They have very sensitive heads (gotta support that fro) So please be wary when they are chicks not to let other chicks peck them on the head and do not tap them on the head.

The Frizzle Chicken

Unique, lays poorly-decently, kind temperament, Bantam and Standard size

The frizzled chicken makes everyone do a double take. These birds have reversed feathers. They look like little fuzz balls and they know they are fabulous. While theses babies are their own breed, different breeds can be frizzled. Their curled feathers will warm even the coldest of heart, these feathers don’t do much to warm. Since they are inverted they do not hold heat in well and they get cold easily. These are definitely birds that will have to come inside during the winter if you live someone that reaches below-freezing temperatures often in the winter. As for their temperament, I have a few frizzles that couldn’t be happier if they have 0 interactions with me, but I have met much sweeter frizzles. Mine just always seem to have their feathers in a bunch.


The Polish Chicken

Lays decently (approx. 200), Standard and Bantam Size, Fabulous and They Know It

Just like the silkies, be careful with these babies! The crown of feathers they have make the cute little bumps on their heads that are extra sensitive! Generally, a chicken can see 300-330 degrees around itself at any given time, but your polish is not so fortunate. For this reason, make sure your Polish is kept in a coop or fenced in area to protect from predators.



Hands down my favorite breed to chickens in existence. Pekin Chickens or Bantam Cochins, are tiny fluffernutters with mixed temperaments and a variety of colors and patterns. Unfortunately, being fluffed and mini kinda earns you Pekin status, and its hard to differentiate breeds inside Pekin chickens but it does not matter because they are the cutest chickens of all time! Our Pekins are very sweet and lay very well (approx. 250 a year) and they also make wonderful mothers. They are, however, very defensive mothers! Ours attacked our dog for getting too close to her eggs. These chickens are fabulous decorative pets and they are pretty low maintenance. They love treats and if you’re looking more for a companion breed, these and silkies live very well together and often will hatch each other’s eggs.

This list will be continued in a second post!


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